Excellent craftmanship
by Inter Décor.




Fabrics are cut by Inter Décor’s team of staff as we customize each product to suit to clients' needs. Our fabrics are produced in house; therefore, we can personalize the different styles and cuts of our clients, satisfying their needs.


Fabrics at Inter Décor are sewn to fit customized needs. Our seamstresses are all trained personally for 6 months in order to ensure the quality of the workmanship.


In order to ensure the best quality, Inter Décor irons all the fabrics so that our clients receive a clean, smooth sheet and it isn’t wrinkled.


Inter Décor takes great care in loading the fabrics for delivery. This is so that when the fabrics arrive at our clients’ doorsteps, it is intact and in perfect condition.


Inter Décor provides a showroom for customers to view products in a comfortable and convenient manner. There are times when one cannot see the cut of the fabric when it is on the shelf. Therefore, we provide viewing tools such as a banquet table to see how tablecloths flow, a bed and pillows for linen feels and so on.

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